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Paris buildings

Fire and Lightning is a website run by Iain Gardiner that serves a number of functions. First and foremost, it is a constant source of amusement and frustration as I tinker, break, repair, break again and curse the poor code holding the thing together. As an eternal student of the web I look for new challenges and different ways of acheiving goals. More often than not this learning process results in frequent changes to this site, so should you discover anything 'odd' happening during your visit rest assured. I will most probably find a new way of making it behave even more oddly soon enough.

Secondly, I will be building a meagre and often erroneous collection of writings in an attempt to make some sort of sense of my experiments. Who knows, against all the odds someone may actually find something of use amongst it all.

The site's third purpose is to provide an online presence including a portfolio section wherein I can display any previously completed work for anyone curious enough to peruse.

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