Everything you ever wanted to know about Fire and Lightning, but were too afraid to ask...

... and maybe a few things you didn't.

The Site

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This site is a constantly evolving testament to my learning. It is constructed entirely (I hope) in accordance with current thinking on standards in HTML markup, styling with CSS and unobtrusive Javascript. PHP also plays a large part in making this site tick.

Nearly every page goes through rigorous checks to ensure the HTML is valid, the CSS is valid, the Javascript doesn't cause nervous breakdowns to the browser and that the PHP output behaves. In fact, I think I border on dangerously obsessive at times. :)

Fire and Lightning is currently hosted by the folks of AQHost and very satisfied with them I am too.

All About Me

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I am a male caucasian of less than average height. Born 1978 in the sub-tropical sub-par climes of Gloucester in the United Kingdom, I am a West-country boy who likes the web. I have been interested in this world of web design and programming as a hobby for a couple of years now. Only now is it starting to make any kind of sense. I am always trying something new and looking for inspiration at all times. Currently I'm brushing up on my DOM Scripting knowledge and putting to good use all that I've learned about web standards. I am a firm believer in the needs for standards and consistencies across browsers which will eliminate hacks and kludgy, obese markup.

I have other interests outside of this field. At university I studied music composition and I still like to indulge my creative drive every once in a while. In terms of my musical tastes, they are very wide-ranging. Anything from The Beach Boys to Nirvana, from Mozart to Webern, from Fiona Apple to Eminem can be found in my collection so 'eclectic' hardly starts to describe it.

On the sporting front, I am a fan of Gloucester RFC and I also keep an eye on the football now and then. I've recently started playing golf and in the summer I play cricket as my only concessions - albeit rather futile ones - to keeping fit.

Contact Details

I kindly ask that people fill in the form below if they wish to send me a message by e-mail. That way I hope to avoid spammers harvesting my address. If anyone wants to e-mail me directly, guess it. It's not that difficult.
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I tend to hang around on Quakenet as it's for "teh uber l33t gam0r d00ds" like me. Normally I can be found in either #the_firm or #fussake. I have a bouncer that keeps my chosen nickname for me (most of the time, anyway) so I may not actually be there to respond every time. Don't think I'm ignoring you... I may well be, but I don't want you developing a complex about it.

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