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These articles are divided into a number of different sections depending on their subject.


Well-formedness is the new black! Adhering to web standards and marking up your documents correctly ensures that your web pages will be future-proof and should always display correctly (browser shortcomings notwithstanding).


Cascading Stylesheets are a powerful tool for efficiently setting site-wide presentational styles with minimal effort. Time saved by being able to see a change in one file reflected across the entire site is invaluable.

DOM Scripting

Too long has Javascript been abused. Ensuring your page is accessible for users who don't have Javascript enabled, removing inline function calls and placing all active code within an external file are the basic tenets of the new thinking behind 'unobtrusive' DOM scripting.

You are welcome to use any of the scripts featured in these articles either unaltered or tweaked for your own purposes, but please ensure credit is given where it's due.

What is DOM Scripting?
Ever wanted to know? Well now's your chance to find out?
Advice for Building Library Objects
I could never readily find such advice when I wanted it, so here I've distilled my own limited knowledge in the hope of helping others.
Fade an Element
The fadeElement script adds simple animation by applying fade effects to objects on mouseover and mouseout events.


When you create your first dynamic page, you know you'll never write pages in the same way again. PHP is just one language used for creating dynamic content. Its advantages are that it's relatively easy to learn, all good web hosts provide for it and - best of all - it's FREE!


Getting computers to talk talk to each other sounds easy, but often isn't. This section covers the networking side of things.

How to use Xbox Live with a Cisco ASA
You mean I can't just Plug and Play?!

General Interest

Articles under the 'General' heading are those not directly related to any of the above headings. Usually these are pieces that have more to do with life outside the web or are about broader subjects not suited by a specific category.

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