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The Bummies

Glimpse of the Bummies' website
The all-new Bummies site is fantastic. Iain never ceases to amaze with his ingenuity and originality […] He is professional, enthiusiastic, punctual, eager...nothing is ever too much trouble for him.Raybern Productions

Technologies used in this project:

The Bummies website

I built this site a while ago when I was first learning HTML and CSS: it was functional and the clients were very happy, but I felt a number of things were not as they should be. The markup was particularly bloated and not always semantically sound and the graphical content was primitive and unsatisfactory. As a result, I recently decided to take another look and overhauled the entire project using skills I have learned since its launch.

On the graphical front, my skill with packages such as Freehand, Fireworks and Photoshop have come on in leaps and bounds. This is reflected in the much sleeker, cleaner look of the site. The overall colour pallette is more subtle and pleasing and the individual pictures are greatly improved in quality.

Using unobtrusive Javascript - by which I mean scripting that will degrade gracefully for visitors without Javascript-enabled browsers - I added polish to the overall experience with user-clickable galleries and fading effects on the entry page's picture menu.

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